Who’re Rynboo? 

Rynboo‘s  a character which has two rainbow braids, wearing cloud‘s happy face, holding Rynboo Spirits in mind, brings happy & joy to everyone he meet. It is inspired by rainbow in the sky, shine bright your way, Holding Rynboo Spirit In Mind.

Rynboo Spirit?

Rynboo Spirit is just the lighthouse when someone in darkness

Rynboo Spirit is just the lighthouse when someone in darkness

Moody’s idea of ​​creating Rynboo actually came from Kobe. Kobe is a respectable person. The spirit of Mamba will always be in people’s minds which inspired people to be brave and to hold the courage and challenge ourselves.

For people , To have a Unshakable belief is necessary, because we have to trust something which just play like a dim bulb in the dark, Or we can take the belief as Big Dipper to guide our way on we lost the direction on the sea.

As Age Reached To 30, Moody really began to think what she choose to believe in her limited life. Inspired by Rainbow, Moody Creates “Rynboo Spirit”,

What‘s “ Rynboo Spirit ” ?

The Rynboo spirit is an optimistic and positive attitude to interpret things or ideas. But the optimistic and positive is not based on bias.

Rynboo Spirit is to believe the world will be better even we have gone through suffering.

Rynboo Spirit is to believe the world will be back to peace even their lost their loved ones in the war.

Rynboo Spirit is to choose the the beautiful side of this world when ugly stays closed the beauty.

Rynboo Spirit is to believe Covid-19 will be conquered by us even the Covid-19 has grabs thousands lives from us.


It‘s hard to say what’s Rynboo Spirit, But it is easy to feel. People who changes the world or who make the world better is in people who have Rynboo Spirit.

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Who Are Rynboos?

For people who hold Rynboo Spirits are REALRYNBOOS.

Rynboo‘s Sayings