Share & Free Policy

This Policy is only effective to the item below:

And Effective time is Before 30th November 2021.

If you share your crafting processing on Youtube and tagged us, your order will be Rewarded

Video Specs:

The Video should contains the details crafting process, You can take pictures for all of the main steps of crafting of your handbag, or you can shooting the whole process.

For Image Show Video, We rewarded : 15$, this can be processed by refunded partial order or can be transfered via paypal directly.

For The Detailed Video , We rewarded: The Whole DIY KITS Price -$49, That's to say , you got the DIY Kits for free.


The Youtube Title Should Include "Aestheticer", Descrpition include "" Link.

Your Video title should closedly decribe the vide content, For example, "Handbags","Craft" ,"DIY" That everything is related to elabrate the video content.