Rynboo Magazine -The Story To Meet Wanfire

- Written by moody at Feb 2020

Qiao & Moody

Since the first met by chance in college ten years ago, the affection between Qiao and Moody never fade away, and they are the angel in each other‘s eyes. The distance between Guangzhou and Shanghai where they lived separately never impair but enhance their friendship. The long distance, never break them up, for some degree, The distance make them cherish every seconds when staying together. In any case, they were doomed to get together, Shuffling from Guangzhou to Shanghai or reverse every year , they missed each other so much, talking about anything they were concerned about, such as new friends encountered, joyful and funny experiences, new perspectives on existence and life and so forth.

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Qiao & Moody Forgathered

On February 01, 2021 Moody met Qiao as promised as usual. While a cup of fragrant chrysanthemum tea, Qiao Shared the everything they encountered, Share the her point of view in her eyes,  Like the most ordinary lucky moment encountered with Cat - Cathy. Qiao Told Moody,  She found a cat near the trash , the cat seems so ill, It seems it is why the cat  abandoned by the people. Qiao named the cat Cathy, She decided to take her home and make Cathy Healthy Again. In Qiao's Eyes, Everyone, Every Thing, Every Animal , all she encountered is the best gift the god gave her. After a medical examination in a pet clinic, a pet doctor told Qiao that Cathy was required to take pills, and even though, Cathy may not be cured at all. However, Qiao did not give in to the doctor’s words. With enormous patience, Qiao fed medicines to Cathy as prescribed and firmly believed Cathy was bound to be healed after a good care. Qiao always shows  an unique optimism through her deep eyes, in which there was an inherent resonant feeling instead of a sorrow. As a result, she was apt to experience gladness from anything, even though an unimpressive trifle. How delicate she was to be moved to tears on a complimentary cup of soybean milk given by a breakfast shopkeeper and to appreciate everything encountered.

Featuring optimism, Qiao had a mild power to soothe wounded souls and get the mood up in case of any difficulties. In Moody‘ Eyes, Qiao is really someone who with Rynboo spirit (an optimistic attitude over things) symbolized a rainbow, warm and powerful, brilliant.

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Get Knowing Of Wanfire

After a talk all night as usual, Moody was awakened by a song from a flyer lamp on the windowsill in the next morning, and she was keen on it at first sight. According to Qiao, this favored lamp was a gift given by one of her clients. Its appearance looked like a flyer soaring in the sky as well as a dolphin swimming in the sea, and with a stroke of particular white color, it refreshed, relaxed and freed people with a broad vision, fitting Qiao‘s character well. It had to say that this client comprehended Qiao who never get stuck on the inside.

As a member of Aestheticer team, Moody never forget to bring high-quality products to everyone all the time. Due to a strong feeling toward this flyer lamp, Moody found the manufacturer printed on its external packing and contacted Wanfire, a brand focusing on producing night lamps for seven years. Moody thought it ought to be a pleasant cooperation with Wanfire on the basis of its concentration and persistence Up To 7 Years Just Focus On Night Lamps.

So the starting of cooperation of Wanfire just got started . Aestheticer Brings Wanfire On Our Sites & Magazine.