Aestheticer - Design Is No Design 

For working time, we don't wanna be disturbed, we apply DESIGN IS NO DESIGN theme to home office, this is a corner that can spend time freely to think, or to imagination. For this collection, Aestheticer takes neutral color and minimal design to make you less distracted.


Take A Break Coffee Mug

Hand Made With Cremamics

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Hand Made With Cremamics

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5 Layers for organization - Pen Holder

360 Degree Circling Around, Easy To Use

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4 Layer For Sorting Holder - For Pen Or Others

Morandi Color

Minimal Design

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Aestheticer Pin Around Pen Holder

Aestheticer Bear Pen Holder

Functional Charge Cable Organizer Box

Design For Office Only, Made With Wood, For Good Charge Cable Organization To Get Clear Office Table

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Art On Desk

Art Girl On Your Desk

Add some abstract art on your desk to get some inspiration for  your work.

Aestheticer Sweet Girl Resin Art

Aestheticer Sweet Girl Resin Art

Aesthetic Girly Boy Freshy Flowerpot

Aestheticer Sweet Girl Resin Art

Nature Decor On The Wall

Stay Close To Nature.

Add flower or live nature to your home. Take A Deep Breath and take a rest.

Aestheticer Hanging Wall Flower

Aestheticer Bird Fly Wall Hooks