7 Best Kawaii Pens You Must Use

7 Best Kawaii Pens You Must Use

it's school season again! Whether you are a student returning to school with a sad look, or an office worker who has no sense of starting school, the following creative stationery from Japan and South Korea will let you see it and you ca n’t help but chop it!

1. Unicorn Pen

This Unicorn Pen shaving and shaving, a rainbow will appear. Rainbow pencils are designed by British designer Duncan Shotton. They are manufactured in South Korea and adhere to the concept of environmental protection. They are made of recycled 6-color recycled paper and refuse to cut down trees excessively.


2.Erasable ballpoint pen

Baile's Frixion series is called the cleanest erasable pen. The secret is the ink specially developed by Baile. The ink above 65 ℃ will become transparent. The transparent wiper at the end of the pen generates heat based on friction. Principle, you can easily make the handwriting disappear.


3. Pen-like post-it notes

Japanese stationery manufacturer Kanmido's new product pentone. This is a film sticky note that is contained in the same box as the pen. It looks the same as a pen. When you use it, just pull the part you want to use along the dotted line. It can be torn off, and there is a replacement pack!


4. New stickers

The biggest highlight of this CHIGIRU sticker is that you can tear it off and use it according to your favorite shape and size. The stickers are divided into 5mm squares, and you can tear as many as you want, and it is very easy to tear. The entire back of the sticker is covered with adhesive, so it will not be easily touched off.


5. Washi tape

If you are a book lover, then you must have heard of the famous Japanese Washi tape brand Mt, super cute patterns, stationery control, you must not miss it.


6. Upright pencil case

Japanese super stationery manufacturer KOKUYO launched a super convenient pen holder pen case. Before opening it is no different from a normal pencil case. But after being opened, it can be used as a pen holder, and the upper part of the pen holder can also be rolled down, so that it is not only easier to take stationery from the inside, but also it is not easy to fall on the table.




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